Corrugated Box

Cardboard boxes are commonly used for packaging; however it is corrugated boxes that are mostly used for..

Corrugated Rolls

We provide premium range of Corrugated Roll, corrugated brown sheet rolled up in cylindrical shape..


These are widely demanded in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food packaging and sports..

Board Cartons

wide range of Corrugated Carton Boxes in standard and customized sizes. Made using quality material..

Welcome to K.L. Packaging Industries

We at K. L. Packaging Industries is one of the Most Reputed Manufacturer Deals in Corrugated Box, Rolls, Sheets and Board Cartons. We are the prominent organization in the field of Pacaging Products Manufacturing and supplying from over two decades. These products are highly acclaimed for the features such as durability, strength and hold a high demand in market.

We provide manufacturing, printing and supply of customers required packaging cartons made out of corrugated fiber board boxes with kraft paper etc. Our Manufaction includes FMCG Packaging Boxes for Cosmetics, Food Products Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Crockery and Glass Material Packing Boxes. We Provide printed and Non Printed Packing Boxes for, Garment Boxes, Gift Articles Packing, Mechanical Instruments, Electronics Appliances etc. We are responsible for delivering value solutions to the customers. This means not only delivering a quality packaging materials at a fair price, but also aspire to precipitate our voluminous experience to supply quality services. we are a force to be reckoned with in the field of packaging material.

The Manufacturing Process:

Pulping the pine chips

Manufacturing a corrugated cardboard box begins with the pulping of wood chips in the kraft (sulfate) process....

Making kraft paper

After additional cleaning and refining steps, a consistent slurry of wood pulp is pumped to the paper-making machine...

Corrugating the cardboard

Rolls of kraft paper for corrugating are available in many sizes to fit the production equipment at different corrugating plants....

Forming the blanks into boxes

Using powerful fork-lifts, skilled equipment operators select, move, and load rolls of kraft paper at one end of the corrugator....